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turn·ing·path  [tûr-ning păth] - noun:  The process of identifying obstacles and blind spots, exploring ways to overcome or address those issues, and implementing new behaviors and approaches to achieve enhanced individual, team, and organizational performance.  verb Reorienting one’s direction, approach, and habits by discovering and overcoming roadblocks, hidden biases and assumptions, and other obstacles that interfere with achieving peak individual and group performance.

TurningPath® Services



  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Communication Coaching



  • Individual Leadership Profile

  • Personal Strengths

  • Corporate Leadership Culture

  • Workplace Performance Prediction

    • Talent Acquisition

    • Talent Development

  • Workplace Style/Behavior



  • Leadership Development

    • Individual Leaders

    • Leadership Teams

  • Relationship Building Training



  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Meeting Organization and Facilitation

  • 360 Personnel Reviews

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys

TurningPath Founder and Team Leader:

  James R. Sims III

International Coach Federation Certified Coach

ICF Metro DC Chapter President

Past Chair, Capital Coaches Conference


Bringing decades of experience in professional development training, mentoring, professional evaluation work, and coaching to bear in promoting client success. 



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Raising the bar for leaders by helping them turn their paths in new directions.

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